Brannon Finney

About Brannon Finney

Brannon Finney, a commercial fisherman located in Petersburg, Alaska, manages a fleet of boats. Finney has spent more than 20 years fishing in the Kenai Peninsula's eastern waters, catching some of the tastiest seafood in the world. As part of her interesting employment, she gets to visit a number of lovely cities in the Prince William Sound, including Valdez, Cordova, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, Whittier, Tatitlek, and Chenega.

She enjoys taking use of the great natural beauty of the region when she is not out on the sea harvesting or in port maintaining and preparing her yacht, Alaskan Girl, for its next excursion. She may be seen shooting selfies wherever the action takes her, whether she's surfing on a glacier, rock climbing, kayaking, or just meandering through one of the region's many great natural preservation zones.

Brannon Finney and her all-female crew start the various chores necessary to run a commercial fishing boat in Alaska safely and successfully this morning in Prince William Sound. When the whole crew is female, having a female boat captain in the entire fleet is even more unique.